Exceptional Elevator Maintenance Services

Are you facing any issue with your elevator? If so, look no further than Pac West Elevator Inc. We are committed to offering top-quality elevator repair and maintenance services at competitive rates. Our team specializes in the installation, maintenance, repair, and modernization of all makes and models of elevators.

We prioritize customer satisfaction and provide appropriate services. Our dedicated team has the expertise to handle both minor and major elevator repairs. Call us now at (530) 350-6311 to learn more.

Our Services Include:

  • System Evaluation and Five-Year Load Tests
  • Code Compliance and State Testing
  • Annual Hydraulic System Pressure Tests
  • Fire Service Testing
  • New Elevator and Lift Installations
  • Modernization and Cab Interior Upgrades
  • Performance Testing
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
  • Water and Oil Removal From Pits
  • Clean Downs (Truss and Pits, Steps and Elevator Machine Room)
  • Emergency Services and Repairs
  • Entrapment Rescue Service Calls
  • Elevator Rescue Training School
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